• Bank Transfer Tool

    All bank transactions are recorded on dedicated servers. This means, large amount of money are just written as numbers on the server records. Mitnickweb through the use of extensively coded scripts can hack these servers and make edits to your balances and even create records of new transactions.

  • Crypto Airdrops and Earnings

    A​ ​crypto airdrop​ ​is​ ​when​ ​a​ ​blockchain project distribute​s free​ coins or​ tokens to​ ​the​ cryptocurrency ​community. Through our advance tools, you can earn more cryptos ranging from bitcoin via theAirdrop technology.

  • Western Union Transfer Tool

    Mitnickweb make use of advance and exclusive server binary scripts to gain access to the transfer network of Western Union and make safe and undetectable transfers to our beneficiaries. The funds are available within 1 hour after fee is paid.

  • Wechat and Alipay Transfer Tool

    The general servers handling all transfers made via the Alipay and Wechat are all accessible through advanced scripts, coding and binary instructions across all connecting servers. We have these tools and hence, we can make transfers to you through the Alipay and Wechat networks.

  • PayPal/Xoom Transfer Tool

    As the Western Union hacks, Mitnickweb can add money to the balances of its PayPal users. With the PayPal exploits, safe transfers are made to any PayPal account whose details are attached to a certain purchased server encoded framework.

  • CashApp/Venmo Hacked Tool

    CashApp and Venmo transfers are made over a certain MX36 server type. Mitnickweb have exclusive access to this server type and is the only hacker in the world to have this access. We use this to make safe transfers to you. All these ensures that money is added safely to the balances of our customers.

  • Cryptocurrency Advanced Mining

    Bitcoin transactions are all carried out on the blockchain servers and Mitnickweb through series of extensive hack techniques have access to engage in an advance mining for more profits!

  • Recover Stuck Funds

    Banks and other financial institutions have overtime always experienced series of servers errors which sometimes causes the funds of their clients to be stuck or seized. Mitnickweb can help to hack and retrieve your money, no matter the amount.

  • Blank ATMs

    In all debit/cards, there is a chip which holds the access point information and command prompts to make an ATM to dispense cash or make the POS transaction to show as approved. We create special cards that maneuvers this and allow you make free transactions within its limits.

  • Online order/Purchases

    As hackers that have access to global databases, we can help you make orders on any online store and get it delivered to you from anywhere in the world.

  • Crypto Recovery

    In recent years, there have been a lot of bitcoin theft, frauds spread across the internet, as hackers who have the interest of the general society at heart, we help you through our skills to make a reversal of stolen and lost bitcoins.

  • Bitcoin Loan

    As regular loans, we provide qualified individuals the opportunity to earn and get either get a bitcoin loan or give their bitcoin out for our loaning services and earn as much as 30% of their amount while holding.

  • Other Requests/Services

    Do you have any other requests? Special needs? Feel free to get in touch with us and we would get to work as soon as possible.

How can I get my hacked transfer?

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